Supportive Guide to your Pregnancy

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My guide to your pregnancy will give you advice, tips and checklists for everything you will need to prepare for your labour and beyond: 

  • Dealing with the fear of labour

  • How to be comfortable in labour

  • Pre labour checklist and the things you need to think about

  • Birth bag checklist and what you will need to take

  • Tips for your birthing partner 

  • Early labour toolkit and things you can do when you go into labour

  • Pain Relief options explained and the positives and negative of each

  • Stages of labour and what your body will go through

  • Your feelings after the birth and how to deal with them

  • Feeding your baby and your options

  • Introducing solids to your baby and how to do this

From Midwife For Life, private and holistic midwife service

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