Why choose Midwife For Life?

Why does no one ever tell you what pregnancy is really like? And how is it that you’re a grown-up and you still don’t really know where babies come from – never mind how they actually come out?

Pregnancy and birth are nothing like what you see on social media and TV. There is no such thing as the 'perfect' pregnancy or birth, but together we can work towards your positive birth experience. In the age of Google, we are surrounded by information and images, and it can be so hard to cut through the noise.   

When we are pregnant, it’s natural to focus on the baby and all the things we need to buy, need to do and plans for when they are here. Our pregnancy and birth experiences stay with us for life, so why leave it up to chance?

Take control of your experience, invest in yourself and contact me to book in  today.

I look forward to meeting you and your growing bump! 

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a Holistic Midwifery Service

~ supporting you through one of life's greatest journeys ~

Ways i can support you

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One to One Support:
Ask me anything

You can schedule in an hour with me to discuss your pregnancy options, revamp your confidence and get your power back. No topic is off limits!


Below are some examples but this list is absolutely not exhaustive:


  • Your fertility and TTC journey

  • Emotional support and advice following miscarriage 

  • Discussing the options offered to you by the NHS

  • Understanding a medical/pregnancy condition

  • Birth planning options

  • Preparing you, your family and your home for a home birth

These personal sessions are £99 and afterwards you will receive an email with everything we discussed and links to all relevant resources that will support you.

Download your copy today!

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Fantastic antenatal day today! My partner and I found it really informative with a laid back atmosphere. Would highly recommend for first time parents. I have made important decisions about my birth which I wouldn’t of known before. Thank you Rachael


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Rachael is amazing!

She really knows her stuff and both my partner and I feel a lot more confident with my upcoming labour!

Thank you so much!


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I never realised how much I needed to speak to someone else to help me move forward. I had the rewind technique and its amazing!

Thank you Rachael x


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The course was absolutely brilliant, informative, relaxed and there was nothing that you felt you couldn’t ask!!

My husband found the course really helpful and he feels more prepared as to what to expect during the labour!

Can’t recommend enough.



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